Learn How Aging Muscles Can Benefit from High-Intensity Training

aging musclesIt’s so easy to fall into a more sedentary lifestyle in our later years, especially if aches and pains from aging muscles and chronic conditions such as arthritis are a factor. But new research shows that even short bursts of high-intensity exercise – less than 15-minute intervals – can make a significant difference on the health and wellbeing of older adults.

Case in point: a recent study of adults over age 55 involved briskly walking for three minutes, followed by slower walking for another three, resulting in better blood pressure and stronger endurance levels than walking at a steady, moderate pace for the same duration.

Testing on frail, sedentary laboratory mice equivalent in age to 65-year-old humans showed that a program of high-intensity interval exercise on a treadmill, three times weekly over a period of four months (equivalent to eight human years) were stronger, had greater muscle mass and endurance, and were more active than their sedentary counterparts.

Dr. Bruce Troen, professor of medicine and head of the division of geriatrics at the University of Buffalo and conductor of the study, found most impressive that “the animals had tolerated the high-intensity training very well, despite their advanced ages.”

Responsive Home Care’s Florida senior care services team urges seniors to check with their physicians for approval to begin a high-intensity exercise program, or other activities to enhance health and wellbeing and improve the condition of aging muscles. And our care team is happy to help implement and provide the encouragement to enable seniors to stay on track and reap the rewards. Contact us at 954-486-6440 for assistance!

Struggling with Osteoarthritis Pain? This New Technique Can Help!

osteoarthritis painIt’s a club no one wants to be a part of; however, as many as 10 million Americans have become members: sharing a diagnosis of osteoarthritis . Due to the wearing away of cartilage over the years, osteoarthritis commonly impacts bigger joints, such as the knees, and may be debilitating to a senior’s quality of life. With three main recommended treatment plans – over-the-counter medications to lessen inflammation, such as ibuprofen, prescription painkillers such as tramadol, or physical therapy – a good number of people with osteoarthritis have resigned themselves to a lifetime of limping, suffering, modified activity levels, and not surprisingly, chronic osteoarthritis pain.

And although knee replacement surgery could be helpful for several, not all arthritis sufferers are suitable; or, the potential risks associated with this type of invasive treatment are too great, especially for senior citizens. Now, however, an impressive new procedure has entered the arena, and provides great relief from chronic osteoarthritis pain without the risks or side effects of the other alternatives. Referred to as cooled radio frequency ablation (“Coolief”), the treatment works by “…changing the wiring of the knee…taking away the pain signal and interrupting it,” according to Dr. Amin Sandeep, a pain specialist at Rush University Medical Center. The impressive reduction in soreness, inflammation and stiffness also makes it possible for many patients to reduce their need for prescription medications and then to go back to – or begin – a more active way of life, resulting in better overall health and wellness.

Similar to injections of cortisone, long-lasting but temporary respite from aches and pains is normally achieved for a duration of around six to twelve months. Necessitating only local anesthetic, the procedure is completed on an outpatient basis within as little as 40 minutes. Potential risks and recovery time are minimal; nonetheless, it’s important to bear in mind that the process will not adjust, slow, or stop the progression of osteoarthritis. But for some, quality of everyday life is greatly improved as suffering is lessened significantly.

Are you or a senior loved one faced with osteoarthritis pain? A little help and support goes a long way towards enhancing quality of life for older adults with chronic issues such as osteoarthritis and various other conditions of aging, whether through helping with cleaning and washing, taking care of shopping for groceries and preparing meals, ensuring medications are taken exactly as prescribed, or just offering friendly companionship to brighten up the day. Call Responsive Home Care’s Fort Lauderdale home care team at 954-486-6440 to learn more ways that we can help!

Fort Lauderdale Home Care Tips: Are You Caring or Controlling?

Fort Lauderdale Home Care TipsFeeling safe, protected and cared for is so wonderful. Mothers and fathers thrive on ensuring their children are enveloped in the comfort of knowing their needs will be satisfied, providing the safety net that allows them the self-confidence to explore the world around them. However there comes a stage in all children’s lives when the yearning for freedom exceeds the benefit of protection, and they have to discover what it means to stumble, fall and get up again on their own.

These protective instincts typically trigger once more for adult children towards senior moms and dads. We would like to decrease risks for them, to ensure that they’re safe from harm. Yet at the same time, it’s all too easy to fall into a pattern of overprotectiveness if we’re not really careful, which can lead to feelings of anger and resentment on the part of the elderly parents.

As stated by professor of human development and family studies at Pennsylvania State University Steven Zarit, “One of the scariest things to people as they age is that they don’t feel in control anymore. So if you tell your dad not to go out and shovel snow, you assume that he’ll listen. It’s the sensible thing. But his response will be to go out and shovel away … It’s a way of holding on to a life that seems to be slipping back.”

Research recently explored the effect of stubbornness in older adults’ relationships with their adult children. Although the elders were less inclined to rate themselves as appearing stubborn, their younger loved ones more often observed stubbornness being an issue. The important thing for adult children is in understanding their senior parents’ basis for digging in their heels to hold onto their independence and autonomy, and to stay away from quarrelling and producing a mindset of defensiveness. Clear, open and truthful communication among both parties can go a long way towards smoothing the waters and making certain every person is listened to and fully understood.

So what exactly is the best way to care for our elderly family members without trying to control them? A large dosage of patience, respect and empathy can go far. Putting yourself within the older adult’s shoes and knowing the desire for autonomy lets adult children step back, as opposed to stepping in. Give the additional time an older adult needs to accomplish a task, rather than doing it for the individual. Consistently look for opportunities to show the senior you appreciate his or her suggestions and guidance. For further tips on delivering Fort Lauderdale home care that doesn’t cross the line, contact Responsive Home Care.

Non-Invasive Deep Brain Stimulation Shows Promise, Reduced Risk for Parkinson’s

Reduced Risk for Parkinson’sGreat news for those with Parkinson’s disease and other brain conditions: deep brain stimulation, which has been helpful but risky, is now being studied in a noninvasive form – opening up a whole new world of treatment potential. Up until now, deep brain stimulation has required a surgical procedure involving “opening the skull and implanting an electrode,” according to Ed Boyden, an MIT associate professor of biological engineering and brain and cognitive sciences. Brain hemorrhage and infection have been distinct possibilities with this procedure that must be carefully weighed against the potential benefits.

Now, however, a new, noninvasive approach is being tested, with positive results. Utilizing TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) through electrodes placed on the scalp, both a low and high frequency current work in tandem to safely target the area within the brain to stimulate. Initial lab tests on mice resulted in such precision that the animals’ whiskers, ears, or limbs could be prompted to move based on the specific region of the brain being stimulated – with no harmful effects.

As for the potential for humans? Li-Huei Tsai of MIT’s Picower Institute for Learning and Memory explains, “I think it’s very exciting because Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders seem to originate from a very particular region of the brain, and if you can target that, you have the potential to reverse it.”

At Responsive Home Care, we’re excitedly following the progress of this new treatment; and in the meantime, are providing expert care to those with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease, and other chronic conditions of aging. Contact us for more helpful resources and south Florida in-home care assistance.

Did You Know Surviving Veterans and Their Spouses May be Eligible for VA Benefits at Home?

Home Health Care Fort Lauderdale FL

Home Health Care Fort Lauderdale FL

At Responsive Home Health, we strive to take care of all the surviving veterans and their spouses in need of home health care services in the Broward County Area. Our goal is to give back to our community’s veterans by managing and coordinating the benefits they deserve. By partnering with Veterans Care Coordination we have strengthened our ability to navigate a complex system. Veterans and their spouses may be eligible to obtain up to $25,440 per year of VA benefits for Home Health services. Call us today at 954-486-6440 to speak with a representative about any potential in home health care needs and the benefits you and your family deserve.

Heartfelt gratitude for the sacrifices of the brave men and women who have valiantly fought to make America the greatest nation in the world. We proudly honor the soldiers who died in military service and their families and loved ones on this Memorial Day.

If you or an aging loved one are considering  in-home care to provide companionship, compassion and motivation, please contact the caring staff at Responsive Home Health, the most trusted senior care company Ft. Lauderdale families rely on. Call today 954-486-6440.