In April we were faced with finding live-in care for my mother. Unfortunately we went with a registry not realizing the difference. We soon knew it wasn’t going to work out and began our search again. We found Responsive Home Care and it was the best thing we did! We now have 2 very loving, caring ladies who live with mother. My mother always has a smile on her face and is very happy. Thank you Responsive Home Care for giving us peace of mind that my mother is well cared for and happy.

– L.M.

Responsive Home Care

After seven weeks at Manor Pines, my friend was realizing her goal of “going home.” She was still weak and would require ongoing support at home. Genevieve visited her at Manor Pines that afternoon, providing us with valuable resources such as a durable medical supply company, at home, PT services, etc. Genevieve and a caregiver were waiting for us when we arrived at my friend’s apartment. Since then, Responsive has provided continuous care, two 12-hour shifts per day. She is gaining strength and is very happy to be home. All of the resources Debbie’s team provided treated us like we were VIPs! The Responsive Home Care team made the transition joyful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

– R.M.

I found myself in a bind; got a call from my dad who lives 3,000 miles across the country in a panic about my mom needing assistance. Responsive Home Care worked with me to coordinate nursing care with another agency and also to set-up in home care with Responsive Home Care. My mom was overcoming a severe infection and could not move well, and my dad would not admit to needing his own assistance, not just to take care of her, but for also help with driving, with food, and home upkeep. My father could not thank me enough for helping arrange this, and I couldn’t be happier with the service they received and the recommendations Responsive made for other areas they needed help with. I recommend them highly!

– R.S.

I am writing this review on behalf of Responsive Home Care. In the middle of May my mom become ill and needed assistance with her care, Responsive was able to help me by supplying me with home health aides that where extremely caring to my mom’s needs. This was a benefit to myself and my family because it helped to take some of the pressure off of us to allow us to try and continue with our lives. I can’t thank them enough for the care and compassion that my mom received at this extremely tough time in her life. Thank You for your help and dedication. I would recommend them to other people in need due to their great care.

– B.S.

I would recommend Responsive Home Care to anyone. Choosing an at home care agency can be a daunting task. You want the best care for your loved ones, and Responsive offers that. From the very first call I made to responsive, they set me at ease. They asked questions about the person that needed the care and picked the perfect match. Our aide and care giver is truly a blessing and gets along so well with our family. The level of service received from Responsive is top notch. If you need at home care services, I would recommend using Responsive Home Care.

– L.B.

My husband and I are navigating the care of a parent for the first time. Calling on Responsive Home Care has taken so much of the burden off our shoulders so we can take care of all the other details. The care providers who have come to our home during the transition and then to my mother-in-law’s home since then have been wonderful. They are caring, informative, and help us with suggestions for managing care into the future. I couldn’t be happier…they are truly Responsive!

– T.M.

As you know, I had a 92 year old patient in failing health who required around the clock care. I want you to know that the patient’s family and I were extremely satisfied with your staff. We could count on Responsive to provide qualified, caring aides throughout this difficult time. Thank you for being so attentive to the needs of my patient and her family.

– Dr. K., Fort Lauderdale

I must tell you Simone is the best nurse aide I have ever had! Simone goes above and beyond the call of duty; she takes initiative, she takes her job very seriously, is a hard worker, intelligent, and an overachiever.

– J.B.