Tips for Taking on the Role of Family Caregiver

Tips for Taking on the Role of Family Caregiver

It may have come completely out of the blue: an unexpected fall that led to a fractured hip and the need for Mom to have help and support to remain at home. Or, it may have been building up over time, such as through the slow and incremental progression of dementia. Regardless of the circumstances, […]

Help Older Adults Maintain Dignity and Independence

Four Ways to Help Older Adults Maintain Dignity and Independence

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of caregiving for an older adult you love. There’s so much to be done, and often it’s just easier and more efficient to do it all yourself, letting your loved one relax. After all, our elders have taken care of everything for a lifetime; don’t […]

What to Do When Relatives Avoid Helping with Senior Care

What to Do When Relatives Avoid Helping with Senior Care

If you find yourself managing all of the in-home care for an aging parent while your siblings distance themselves from helping, you’re far from alone. In fact, half of all family caregivers are taking care of an aging loved one solo, according to a recent report from AARP. Why is this scenario so common – […]

dementia senior care - memory book

Try This Creative and Effective Dementia Senior Care Idea: A Memory Book

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Seuss Memories are what bind together our past experiences with who we are today; and for a person with dementia, confusion around these memories may have a powerful impact. One of our goals in providing dementia senior care […]

link between cold water and dementia - alzheimer's cure

Searching for an Alzheimer’s Cure: The Surprising New Link Between Cold Water and Dementia

In this striking new development towards an Alzheimer’s cure, a “cold-shock” protein, which is found in swimmers’ blood, is showing promising results in slowing and even reversing the progression of dementia in mice – leading researchers to further explore this link between cold water and dementia. Related to the hibernation capacity in all mammals when […]

holidays for older adults during the pandemic

Keeping the Joy in Holidays for Older Adults Through the Pandemic

Imagine the most perfect holiday season ever. What would it look like? While that image will vary a bit for each of us, it might include gifts, lights, good food, and traditions passed down through the generations. However, what absolutely rings true for all of us is the joy in spending time with the ones […]

Are Humidifiers Good for COPD?

For seniors and those with lung conditions such as COPD, maintaining the ideal air quality in the house is vital. Air that is too dry, for instance, may cause or exacerbate health issues; for example: Dry, itchy, or chapped skin Nose bleeds A sore throat Dry eyes Aggravated allergy, asthma, and flu/cold symptoms such as […]

How to Set Yourself Free from Caregiver Guilt

Family care providers give a great deal of themselves to take care of their senior loved ones, often sacrificing their own individual needs and desires during the process. It seems normal to assume then that caregivers would feel good about themselves, with high self-esteem and sense of purpose. However, the exact opposite is usually true, […]

Problems with Memory: Could It Be Dementia?

You entirely forgot about the doctor’s appointment scheduled for last Monday, misplaced your glasses for the umpteenth time, and can’t remember the name of the new neighbor for the life of you. Are these problems with memory just a regular part of getting older, or could they signify the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease or another […]

Senior woman holding pills and reading the information on the label

Your Guide to Safe Disposal of Medications

With so many aging parents taking several prescriptions, and with physicians changing and adding medications and dosages to find out the perfect solutions, it is critical to know what to do with meds which are no longer needed or that have expired. There are multiple options for managing medications that need to be disposed: Check […]