A woman with cancer laughs with her friend who is offering support.

Finding the Right Words: Providing Cancer Support to a Loved One

Striking up a conversation with a family member with cancer can sometimes be awkward and leave you feeling unsure of what to say. Should you bring up their diagnosis right away, or avoid the C word altogether? Is it ok to try and make the person laugh? What should I do if they start crying? Conversations […]

A woman utilizing effective family communication tips speaks to her siblings about the care of their aging parents.

Bridging Differences: How-To Guide for Effective Family Communication

Caring for an older adult at home can put a strain on family dynamics. Siblings may disagree on care decisions, adult children may feel stressed, and aging parents may resist help. Effective family communication is vital to bridge the gap between differing opinions, ease the responsibility of caregiving, and ensure everyone feels heard and valued. […]

An image of a human brain shows a missing puzzle piece that new Alzheimer’s treatment options aim to fill.

Beyond Aduhelm: New Alzheimer’s Treatment Options on the Horizon

One positive thing about Alzheimer’s disease is it has captured the attention of researchers everywhere who are motivated to discover new treatment options. When an individual you love is diagnosed with the disease, however, the urgency to find help is all the greater. If this is you, be encouraged! Though Aduhelm, the controversial treatment approved […]

A businesswoman smiles as she understands that you don’t have to sacrifice your career while caring for your parents.

Yes, You Can Continue Your Career While Caring for Your Parents!

Though we may dread the alarm going off on Monday mornings, having a career outside of the home is extremely important for many of us. It is a big component of our identity, signifying the time and effort we’ve invested throughout the years and accomplishments we’ve achieved. So what happens when your parents are starting […]

An older woman receiving a dementia diagnosis is comforted and encouraged by her doctor.

Rethinking the Dementia Diagnosis Conversation

A dementia diagnosis is never easy. It is the start of a difficult rollercoaster of emotions, all of which are heightened if the diagnosis is given starkly, without compassion or empathy. There are steps doctors can (and should) take when delivering a dementia diagnosis to ease the initial impact, empowering and equipping the individual and […]

A man tries to reason with his older father as he struggles to know how to support aging parents who need help but refuse to accept it.

How to Support Aging Parents Who Resist Assistance

It is a challenging predicament many family caregivers encounter: your elderly parents, who once looked after you, now resist the aid they so desperately need to remain safe and comfortable living at home. Family members face a delicate balance between respecting their parents’ freedom and protecting their safety and well-being. When you are in this […]

A young woman hugs a loved one with dementia.

5 Things to Avoid Saying to a Loved One With Dementia

Have you ever said the wrong thing? Maybe your objective was to compliment a friend on her new haircut, but you came across sounding like you were criticizing her previous hairstyle. Selecting our words carefully is always important, but even more so when speaking with a loved one with dementia. The words we say as […]

An older man who has overcome his fear of falling smiles confidently as he leans on his cane.

Battling the Fear of Falling: Empowerment Strategies for Seniors

As we grow older, it’s natural to become more apprehensive about the possibility of falling. For many people, however, the fear of falling can be paralyzing, causing a decrease in physical activity, social engagement, and overall quality of life. It is important to address this fear head-on and empower older adults to live confidently and […]

An adult daughter experiencing firsthand the needs of family caregivers stands behind her mother.

Are We Being Heard? Insights Into the Essential Needs of Family Caregivers

If you’ve ever felt invisible as a family caregiver, you’re not alone. Caring for someone you love takes center stage, and you may find that your own needs are put on the back burner. A recent listening session, however, allowed family caregivers to speak openly and honestly about what they need—and the results may surprise […]

Birthday celebrations for seniors help people enjoy their special day to the fullest, as this gentleman is doing as he blows out the candles on his cake with his family cheering him on.

Try These Ideas for Unique Birthday Celebrations for Seniors

If you are interested in a fun way to celebrate the life of somebody you love, nothing beats a birthday party! The key to planning a successful birthday party for an older family member is crafting ideas that are unique to the individual. Start by thinking through: How large of an event should it be, […]