An older woman smiles as she dries a dish in the kitchen, thanks to a caregiver who knew how to boost self-confidence for someone with dementia.

How to Boost Self-Confidence for Someone With Dementia

Common small successes for a person with dementia—like tying their own shoes or fixing what they want to have for lunch—can feel monumental. These experiences boost self-confidence for someone with dementia while strengthening their sense of identity in the middle of the difficulties they are facing. One important part of taking care of a senior […]

A woman who utilizes tips on how to help parents maintain independence wraps an arm around her older mother on the sofa as they both smile at each other.

5 Ways to Help Your Parents Maintain Independence

Imagine if your mother, who has always had a knack for gardening, decides she wants to redesign the family garden. Though she might move a little slower than she used to, her passion for gardening hasn’t decreased. This can be a perfect opportunity for you to step in—not to take over, but to facilitate her […]

A battery-operated radio and flashlight symbolize power outage tips for seniors.

Power Outage Tips for Seniors: Prepare Now to Prevent Problems Later!

Summertime is a prime time for power outages. For many of us, it is a minor inconvenience; however for older adults, it may cause an actual safety concern. The simplest way to handle sudden power outages is through proactive preparation to ensure older loved ones are equipped and prepared to ride out the storm, giving […]

An older couple who asked their care professional, “What is a plan of care?” look closely at her computer screen as she explains.

What Is a Plan of Care and Why Is It So Important?

You have just started exploring in-home care choices for a loved one, and you’re becoming somewhat overwhelmed. There are countless options to consider, and many new and unfamiliar terms to understand. Take, for example, the plan of care. What is a plan of care, and is it necessary? It may seem like just another piece […]

A caregiver utilizing music as one of a number of new ideas for dementia care listens to headphones with a happy older woman.

New Ideas for Dementia Care That Make a Difference

Taking care of a loved one with dementia is unlike any other responsibility you will tackle. It requires you to dig deep down into your reserves of patience, flexibility, and perhaps most importantly, creativity. You need to be prepared to pivot at a moment’s notice from one strategy to another to promote a fulfilling and […]

A woman with cancer laughs with her friend who is offering support.

Finding the Right Words: Providing Cancer Support to a Loved One

Striking up a conversation with a family member with cancer can sometimes be awkward and leave you feeling unsure of what to say. Should you bring up their diagnosis right away, or avoid the C word altogether? Is it ok to try and make the person laugh? What should I do if they start crying? Conversations […]

A woman utilizing effective family communication tips speaks to her siblings about the care of their aging parents.

Bridging Differences: How-To Guide for Effective Family Communication

Caring for an older adult at home can put a strain on family dynamics. Siblings may disagree on care decisions, adult children may feel stressed, and aging parents may resist help. Effective family communication is vital to bridge the gap between differing opinions, ease the responsibility of caregiving, and ensure everyone feels heard and valued. […]

An image of a human brain shows a missing puzzle piece that new Alzheimer’s treatment options aim to fill.

Beyond Aduhelm: New Alzheimer’s Treatment Options on the Horizon

One positive thing about Alzheimer’s disease is it has captured the attention of researchers everywhere who are motivated to discover new treatment options. When an individual you love is diagnosed with the disease, however, the urgency to find help is all the greater. If this is you, be encouraged! Though Aduhelm, the controversial treatment approved […]

A businesswoman smiles as she understands that you don’t have to sacrifice your career while caring for your parents.

Yes, You Can Continue Your Career While Caring for Your Parents!

Though we may dread the alarm going off on Monday mornings, having a career outside of the home is extremely important for many of us. It is a big component of our identity, signifying the time and effort we’ve invested throughout the years and accomplishments we’ve achieved. So what happens when your parents are starting […]

An older woman receiving a dementia diagnosis is comforted and encouraged by her doctor.

Rethinking the Dementia Diagnosis Conversation

A dementia diagnosis is never easy. It is the start of a difficult rollercoaster of emotions, all of which are heightened if the diagnosis is given starkly, without compassion or empathy. There are steps doctors can (and should) take when delivering a dementia diagnosis to ease the initial impact, empowering and equipping the individual and […]