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Could New Parkinson’s Diagnostic Tests Be Developed Based on Our Sense of Smell?

You may very well not recognize her by name, but you’ve possibly come across her story. Joy Milne has an especially specialized talent: detecting Parkinson’s disease through her nose. Her gift came to light when she sensed what she describes as an “overpowering sort of nasty yeast smell” in her husband of 10 years. Soon noticing other […]

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The Different Types of Dementia: Is It Alzheimer’s or Something Else?

A senior who exhibits loss of memory, confusion, poor judgment, repetition, and problems with performing daily activities has the distinguishing signs of Alzheimer’s disease, right? Actually, what appears to be a clear case of Alzheimer’s may really be one of several different types of dementia – in particular, one that has just recently been identified.  Known as LATE, or limbic-predominant age-related […]

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The COVID-19 Crisis Resources Seniors and Family Caregivers Need

Understanding where to turn with regard to the latest, most dependable info on COVID-19, particularly as it relates to the elderly and family members who take care of them, is extremely important – and complicated. With many resources and differing opinions on this serious topic, we want to help make it more straightforward to locate what you […]

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How to Best Discuss Finances with Senior Parents

Family financial affairs tend to be a taboo subject, and the reason behind multiple arguments, enhanced emotions, and misunderstandings. And for a good number of today’s seniors, who maintain a “Depression mentality” from years of saving for a rainy day and learning to “waste not, want not,” it is often uncomfortable for them to grant […]

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Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s? Daily Journaling Helps!

Taking care of a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s is a fluid, ever-evolving undertaking. One day may be calm and peaceful, with your parent enjoying activities, eating healthy meals, and sharing laughter with you; while the next day may be filled with agitation, anxiety, and sullenness. Exactly what will today bring? Figuring out how to […]

Fort Lauderdale In-Home Care Tips: Avoid These Common Senior Medication Dangers

A current study of over 2,000 seniors finds that a remarkable 87% take one or more prescription drugs, and a full 36% are taking five or more – in addition to 38% using over-the-counter meds on a frequent basis. Managing these medications in our later years can be quite challenging, and there are certain risks and […]

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Coping with Incontinence and Dementia

Dementia care calls for both compassion and creativity to manage a range of complicated behaviors and effects, and that’s particularly true in relation to incontinence, something that is incredibly common in Alzheimer’s along with other types of dementia. These tried-and-true techniques are usually effective in minimizing the effect of incontinence and curtailing an escalation of emotions […]

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How to Manage 5 Tough (But Normal) Emotions in Caregiving

If you are feeling somewhat disheartened in your role as caregiver, take heart; you’re in good company. Providing homecare for a loved one is perhaps one of the most complex roles we can hold: highly gratifying on the one hand, while at the same time frustrating and ever-evolving, often bringing about feelings of doubt on […]

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A New Cancer Treatment for All Types of the Disease Could Be on the Horizon

We are already aware of how incredible our body’s immune system is in fighting invading bacteria and viruses and restoring us to health following an illness, even so, the most recent conclusions from a report by Cardiff University are poised to generate an innovative and unforeseen advancement: halting cancer in its tracks. Researchers uncovered a […]

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5 Tips for a Better Home Environment for Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease

Agitation is among the more difficult effects of dementia, and may be exceedingly frustrating for family members to manage. The key is in taking steps to handle agitation before it’s felt and expressed by the senior loved one, which involves keeping track of what has triggered these feelings in the past, and establishing a home […]