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What Kinds of Add-ons Can Be Helpful for Your Loved One’s Lifting Chair?

Senior Care Pompano Beach FL-Lifting chairs themselves are incredibly useful for your senior loved one as they are, but there are add-on accessories that can make the chair even more useful. Determining the right accessories for your loved one can often mean simply assessing her needs.

Questions to Ask Before Your Parent Leaves the Emergency Room

Senior Care Tamarac FL-Whether your senior loved one visits the emergency room less than once a year or several times a year, as their family caregiver it is essential that you are there for them to help ensure that they get the most benefit out of the care that they receive, and that they continue to receive this benefit even after they are discharged.

Making Care Decisions Early in Your Parent’s Experience with Parkinson’s Disease

Home Care Coral Springs FL-When you find out that your elderly parent is suffering from Parkinson’s disease you are put at the beginning of a journey that will present a wide variety of challenges and demands for your aging parent and for you as their family caregiver.