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For older adults, a fall can be a devastating, even life-changing, event, which is why preventing falls is extremely important. Being cautious as you walk is good, but preventing dangerous falls takes more than caution, especially for frail individuals. Being physically fit and strong is the best way to help prevent falls. According to Judy […]


How to Boost Self-Confidence for Someone With Dementia

Common small successes for a person with dementia—like tying their own shoes or fixing what they want to have for lunch—can feel monumental. These experiences boost self-confidence for someone with dementia while strengthening their sense of identity in the middle of the difficulties they are facing. One important part of taking care of a senior […]


Battling the Fear of Falling: Empowerment Strategies for Seniors

As we grow older, it’s natural to become more apprehensive about the possibility of falling. For many people, however, the fear of falling can be paralyzing, causing a decrease in physical activity, social engagement, and overall quality of life. It is important to address this fear head-on and empower older adults to live confidently and […]


Are You Prepared for the Responsibilities of Hospital Care at Home?

No one wants to spend any more time than needed in the hospital. The aim is to get the necessary treatment or procedure over with as quickly as possible and move on to recovering. Unsurprisingly, the growing trend in hospital care at home is one being met with open arms. Imagine being able to avoid: Isolation […]


Dressed for Success: The Best Senior Adaptive Clothing

What were your thoughts when choosing the outfit you put on this morning? Style? Comfort? A particular memory attached to a piece of clothing? The clothes we wear are a fundamental part of our identity, and the simple act of choosing what to wear and being able to put it on is essential to our […]


This Creative Dementia Therapy Is Truly Life-Changing – and Fun!

Have you ever experienced that jolt of a distant memory that suddenly pops to the forefront of your mind, perhaps through a song, a scent, an image from the past? For those with Alzheimer’s disease, the strength of long-term memory is particularly impactful, as short-term memory weakens. And it’s what has sparked a growing trend […]


Starting Home Care: What to do When Family Is in Denial

Once you realize that an aging loved one could benefit from starting home care services, it’s not uncommon for the aging loved one to be resistant to the idea. After all, acknowledging the need for assistance is not easy, especially for an individual who values their privacy and independence. However, it gets more challenging when […]


How Technology Is Making It Easier for Seniors to Age in Place

“You are always free to choose what you do with your life. To make changes in your future, make new choices today.” – Brian Tracy It’s not always easy to choose where to live as you age. The majority of seniors would like to age in place in the comforts of home for a lifetime; […]


Can Treating Hearing Loss Reduce the Risk for Dementia?

Have you been raising your voice so a senior you love can hear you? Are you finding the need to turn the TV up louder for a senior in your life? Repeating yourself because a senior loved one didn’t hear you the first time? Hearing loss in older adults is not uncommon. But fresh scientific […]


Watch for These Signs That Could Point to Mobility Issues in Seniors

Benjamin Franklin was definitely right: An ounce of prevention is really worth a pound of cure. When it comes to detecting and addressing mobility issues in seniors, prevention is a must. Falls in seniors lead to 3 million emergency room visits, 300,000 hip fractures, and 32,000 deaths each year, according to the CDC. Avoid a […]