How to Confront Aging Parents About Care Assistance

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The initial signs may be so subtle that most people wouldn’t even notice. Mom is outgoing, friendly, and conversational while visiting friends and family and while running errands. But those closest to her are beginning to pick up on concerns; like forgetting about the soup cooking on the stove, leading to a scorched pan; putting her keys in the cookie … Read More

The Two Best Currently Available Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment Options

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The most recent Alzheimer’s statistics are sobering. The disease is now the 6th leading cause of death, rising above both breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. And while deaths from other chronic conditions, such as heart disease, are declining, those from Alzheimer’s have increased by more than 100%. The toll the disease takes on family caregivers is equally staggering, with over 16 … Read More

How to Maintain a Healthy Marriage While Caring for Aging Parents

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In marriage we agree to stick together for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health – but what doesn’t come up in our vows to each other is how to handle the increasing demands of senior care as our parents age. Yet with our life span increasing, it’s important to have a plan in place … Read More

Senior Care Strategy: Incorporate “Play” to Strengthen Both Mind and Body

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Do you remember that feeling as a child when the school bell rang, indicating the end of arithmetic and the start of the best part of the day: recess? There was a tremendous sensation of freedom dashing out onto the playground, leaving behind the pressure of school work for a quick period of unstructured play.

Learn How Aging Muscles Can Benefit from High-Intensity Training

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It’s so easy to fall into a more sedentary lifestyle in our later years, especially if aches and pains from aging muscles and chronic conditions such as arthritis are a factor. But new research shows that even short bursts of high-intensity exercise – less than 15-minute intervals – can make a significant difference on the health and wellbeing of older … Read More

Questions to Ask Before Your Parent Leaves the Emergency Room

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Senior Care Tamarac FL-Whether your senior loved one visits the emergency room less than once a year or several times a year, as their family caregiver it is essential that you are there for them to help ensure that they get the most benefit out of the care that they receive, and that they continue to receive this benefit even after they are discharged.

How to Test Your Loved One’s Driving Skills Yourself

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Elder Care Hollywood FL-It’s important to get an unbiased look at your loved one’s driving skills if you fear that she shouldn’t be driving any longer. Riding along with her and assessing her driving yourself is one way to do this.

Think It’s Dementia? Think Again—It Could Be One of These Treatable Conditions

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Periods of forgetfulness, confusion, disorientation—witnessing these in a senior loved one can trigger an immediate alarm that Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia has taken hold. And although these symptoms are a concern, it’s important to realize that they could be indicative of a variety of other conditions, many of which are easily treated, such as: Urinary tract infections. UTIs … Read More

Tips for Difficult Family Conversations

Helper Serving Senior Woman With Meal In Care Home

There’s nothing better than sitting around the kitchen table with those you love the most, reminiscing about the time Aunt Sally dropped the Thanksgiving turkey right onto Grandma’s lap, that incredible family vacation in Hawaii, or the day little Charlie hid a live toad in the china cabinet. But when the conversation turns to something controversial, like the possibility that … Read More

Can We Slow Down Aging with a Pill?

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Perhaps one of the greatest quests throughout the ages has been in trying to discover that elusive “fountain of youth.” What if, however, the answer lies in a simple, generic medication already widely available, with the potential to extend human life to as much as 120 years? Believe it or not, the FDA has recently approved a first clinical trial … Read More

Senior Loneliness More Deadly Than Obesity

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Recent data is both startling and disturbing: seniors who suffer from loneliness and isolation are twice as unhealthy as those who are obese, and have a 14 percent greater risk of dying earlier than those experiencing normal socialization. And with as many as 20 to 40 percent of older adults reporting feelings of loneliness, we need to pay particular attention … Read More

Are We Medically Over-Treating Seniors?

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Take a peek into the calendars of many older adults, and you’re likely to find them inundated with scheduled doctors’ appointments, therapy sessions, reminders to refill and pick up medications, reminders to schedule MORE doctors’ appointments…you get the picture. Many feel however, that our focus as a society has been far too often on medical interventions, and far too infrequently … Read More