Can We Slow Down Aging with a Pill?

Perhaps one of the greatest quests throughout the ages has been in trying to discover that elusive “fountain of youth.” What if, however, the answer lies in a simple, generic medication already widely available, with the potential to extend human life to as much as 120 years?

Believe it or not, the FDA has recently approved a first clinical trial of metformin as a medication to slow the aging process. The Targeting Aging with Metformin (TAME) study is, at this point, held back by one crucial element: funding. With a projected price tag of $65 million to facilitate the 6-year study of 3,000 volunteers, it’s a gamble none of the big pharma companies have yet been willing to wager.

An even bigger consideration may be whether we, as a society, consider aging to be a disease in need of a cure; or, if it’s possible to embrace aging for the benefits it inherently offers: a lifetime of achievements, lessons learned, wisdom gained, and relationships forged.

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