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Coping with dementia and the challenges that can arise for someone you love can be a demanding task. It is important to recall that they are not deliberately being difficult and understanding their situation will lead to better care and comfort for the client. Coping with difficult behavior takes time, effort and patience but having the awareness of the triggers that cause difficult behavior can alleviate stress for both clients and caregivers. There are five main triggers that caregivers need to be aware of when working with Alzheimer’s and Dementia clients.

Causes of Difficult Behavior:

  • Inability to Communicate
  • Difficulty with Tasks
  • Unfamiliar Surroundings
  • Loud Noises, Frantic Environment
  • Physical Discomfort
  • Dehydration

Caregivers who are aware of the causes of difficult behavior will be able to understand and guide their clients into a calmer and more soothing environment. In turn, a caregiver must manage the behavior that is presented by the client. Here are some tips to minimize the stress of clients and create a healthier environment for both parties.

Managing the Behavior:

  • Take a walk (exercise is one of the best stress relievers)
  • Keep noise to a minimum
  • Play calm and soothing music at low volume
  • Ask general questions about their past
  • Do not initiate physical contact during aggressive outbursts
  • Do not argue
  • Hydrate frequently

Understanding why people with Alzheimer’s or dementia have difficult behavior may allow you to affect the environment to better suit the care they need and alleviate stress. Getting additional help may also help both your senior loved one and the family caregivers. Contact the experts in elder care in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas for more tips for coping with dementia. We’re also always on hand to provide skilled dementia care to help someone you love experience the highest possible quality of life.