How Can You Take Time Away from Caregiving, Even for an Afternoon?

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Being able to take time away from caregiving can seem impossible for many family caregivers. But the truth is that you really can do just that if you have a system for getting extra help in place.

Become Acquainted with Your Limits

Your mind and your body communicate with you more than you might realize. Your mind starts to have difficulty concentrating, for example, when it needs time to reset itself. Your body might become run down, first displaying fatigue and then possibly moving on to other issues, such as headaches or mild illnesses. These are the later stages, though, when your mind and body are trying their hardest to get your attention. You need to learn what the signs are when you’re not at your limits, but simply nearing them.

Build up a Favor Bank

Everyone does favors for friends and other loved ones from time to time. As a family caregiver, sometimes you might feel loathe to ask other people for help, though. Try to look at it as exchanging help with one person that you’re likely to help later on. When you look at it as something that you can repay, it might be easier to allow yourself to accept help now.

Make a List of People Who Can Help

Often family caregivers feel that there isn’t anyone who can really help them. The truth is usually quite different, though. There are likely friends, family members, and elder care providers who can offer different levels of help in all sorts of situations. Start by making a list of all the people you can call on for help and then include information about specific tasks that each person could help you with.

Take Advantage of Help When it’s Offered

When people do offer you help, take them up on the offer. Unless the situation is completely not helpful for you or your elderly loved one, you can definitely take advantage of unexpected offers of assistance. If you’re still at the point where you’re learning your limitations, these types of offers can even help you to spot cues that you might have otherwise overlooked.

When you are finally able to take time away from caregiving, use it to get back on target and to recharge yourself.

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