How Can You Tell When Your Senior Loved One Really Needs Some Extra Help?

It’s not an easy task to determine when your senior loved one needs additional help from you or from a full service private duty home care company. Your loved one might not even want to talk about the subject, making the conversation even more difficult.

Home Health Care Coral Springs FL - How Can You Tell When Your Elderly Loved One Really Needs Some Extra Help?

Home Health Care Coral Springs FL – How Can You Tell When Your Elderly Loved One Really Needs Some Extra Help?

Your Loved One’s Home Doesn’t Look Right

You’ve likely become quite accustomed to how your loved one’s home looks when she’s feeling well and able to keep up with everything. You’ll probably notice quite quickly if her home starts to look different or just not right. That feeling can be one of your first clues that something is going on with your loved one.

Your Loved One Doesn’t Seem to Be Able to Manage Daily Activities

Activities of daily living is a description that applies to the activities that your loved one needs to do every day simply as a part of her normal routine. These kinds of activities include bathing herself and getting dressed every day, brushing her hair, eating healthy meals, and just taking care of the basics of life.

Your Loved One Has Unexplained Injuries or Wounds

If you’re noticing that your loved one has injuries or wounds that weren’t there the last time you saw her and she can’t tell you what happened, that’s a cause for concern. These injuries can be a sign that your loved one is falling or otherwise isn’t having an easy time taking care of herself.

Your Loved One Is More Out of Touch than Usual

Some elderly loved ones have always been a little lax about returning phone calls or answering the phone when you call, but if your loved one is more difficult to reach than ever before, that’s a sign. She may not hear the phone or she may have emotional responses that leave her unwilling to talk to you. It’s important to be able to check in with your loved one, and if she doesn’t get better about it after you tell her you’re worried, there may be more going on.

Your Loved One Doesn’t Seem as Involved in Her Life

If you’re starting to notice that your loved one is not opening her mail, neglecting to pay major bills, or otherwise seeming to be uninterested in her own life, you may need to intervene. These are all signs that your loved one could be overwhelmed or simply out of touch with what she needs to be doing.

Your elderly loved one may need your help, but she may still resist a bit, so there may still be some convincing for you to do.

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