When Should You Be Concerned About a Fever?

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As a family caregiver one of your primary focuses in life is making sure that your senior parent stays as healthy as possible. While pursuing this goal it is easy for you to feel concerned and overwhelmed when you notice certain symptoms. By understanding these symptoms you can better know how to respond to ensure that they get the care, treatment, and support necessary to keep them healthy. One of the symptoms that may cause the most concern is a fever. When your parent starts to exhibit an elevated temperature, you might immediately think that they are dealing with something serious. When should you be concerned about a fever? First, take a step back and thoroughly evaluate their condition to help ensure that you are not overreacting and are giving your parent the attention that they actually need.

Some things that you should know about fevers include:

  • A fever is when your body’s temperature increases as a reaction to something that is going on within the body. This can be slight or severe depending on the situation.
  • Though uncomfortable, a fever in an senior adult is generally not a serious issue unless it has reached 103 degrees or higher.
  • Fevers rarely last more than 48 hours, and tend to respond quickly to remediation tactics such as your parent taking over-the-counter fever reduction medications or using a cool compress to bring the body temperature down.
  • Sometimes it is better to simply allow the fever to run its course rather than attempting to reduce it as the fever is an indication that the body is fighting off an infection or illness, and reducing the fever might reduce the body’s ability to fight effectively

It is extremely important to remember that if your parent is suffering a medical condition, has a compromised immune system, or is otherwise vulnerable, a fever could be a more serious situation. If your parent is showing signs of a fever, particularly in conjunction with other symptoms such as a sore throat or vomiting, you should get in contact with their doctor as soon as possible to get them an accurate diagnosis. This will help to prevent potentially serious consequences.

Senior care can be extremely beneficial if your elderly parent has been suffering from illness or infection. Having a senior home care services provider in the home with your aging parent helps them to follow through with the guidelines set forth by their doctor to help them recover from their current condition, as well as stay healthier as they age in place. A personalized approach to care and assistance can include offering reminders to take their medications when they need to, assisting with grocery shopping and meal preparation to encourage a healthier, more varied diet, and supporting both activity and enough rest to keep their body strong, healthy, and resilient. This can be especially reassuring for you as you know that your elderly loved one is in good hands whether you are able to be with them or not, allowing you to take care of the other obligations in your life with lower stress and worry.


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