link between cold water and dementia - alzheimer's cure

Searching for an Alzheimer’s Cure: The Link Between Cold Water and Dementia

In this striking new development towards an Alzheimer’s cure, a “cold-shock” protein, which is found in swimmers’ blood, is showing promising results in slowing and even reversing the progression of dementia in mice – leading researchers to further explore this link between cold water and dementia. Related to the hibernation capacity in all mammals when […]

holidays for older adults during the pandemic

Safely Celebrating The Holidays During a Pandemic

Imagine the most perfect holiday season ever. What would it look like? While that image will vary a bit for each of us, it might include gifts, lights, good food, and traditions passed down through the generations. However, what absolutely rings true for all of us is the joy in spending time with the ones […]

Humidifiers Good For COPD

Can Humidifiers Help With COPD Symptoms?

For seniors with lung conditions, maintaining the ideal air quality in the house is vital for managing COPD symptoms. Air that is too dry, for instance, may cause or exacerbate health issues; for example: Dry, itchy, or chapped skin Nose bleeds A sore throat Dry eyes Aggravated allergy, asthma, and flu/cold symptoms such as congestion […]

Caregiver Guilt

How to Set Yourself Free from Caregiver Guilt

Family care providers give a great deal of themselves to take care of their senior loved ones, often sacrificing their own individual needs and desires during the process. It seems normal to assume then that caregivers would feel good about themselves, with high self-esteem and sense of purpose. However, the exact opposite is usually true, […]

Dementia Care

Problems with Memory: Could It Be Dementia?

You entirely forgot about the doctor’s appointment scheduled for last Monday, misplaced your glasses for the umpteenth time, and can’t remember the name of the new neighbor for the life of you. Are these problems with memory just a regular part of getting older, or could they signify the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease or another […]

Senior woman holding pills and reading the information on the label

Your Guide to Safe Disposal of Medications

With so many aging parents taking several prescriptions, and with physicians changing and adding medications and dosages to find out the perfect solutions, it is critical to know what to do with meds which are no longer needed or that have expired. There are multiple options for managing medications that need to be disposed: Check […]

Adult Daughter Helping Senior Man To Button Cardigan

What to Do When A Senior with Dementia Refuses to Change Clothes

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia requires creativity, patience, and empathy, the ability to step outside of your individual reasoning and logic and understand why a certain behavior is occurring, and then to know the best way to successfully manage it. That is certainly the case when an older adult […]

Elderly disabled man with mask sitting in wheelchair, assisted by young female caregiver outdoors

Safe Senior Home Care During the Pandemic

Looking at the past several months, family caregivers have had to manage seemingly insurmountable challenges connected with the care of the seniors they love. With COVID-19’s particular dangers to the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions, such as for example COPD, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and others which can be common in seniors, families have […]

caregiver comforting senior woman

Best Ways to Manage Alzheimer’s and Dementia Behaviors of Concern

Awkwardness. Discomfort. Disbelief. Shame. Each one of these feelings can cycle through a family caregiver’s heart when someone you care about with Alzheimer’s disease showcases disinhibited behaviors, for example: Rude or tactless comments Inappropriate sexual advances or remarks Removal of clothing at improper times And other socially unacceptable actions The complicated changes that occur to […]

senior woman receiving assistance from caregiver

Fall Safety Tips for Seniors to Regain Confidence And Strength After a Fall

While circus clowns and comedians may stir audiences to laughter over such stunts as slipping on a banana peel, there is nothing funny about falling when it comes to aging parents, who are at an elevated risk for serious injuries, which could lead to an extended rehabilitation process. Not only that, but there’s a lesser […]