Being a Partner, Not a Parent, Throughout Spousal Caregiving

Anyone in a happy, long-term relationship understands that it requires dedication, compromise, and sacrifice. The happiest relationships are the ones where both parties selflessly care for one another. This can change drastically, however, if the person you love encounters a serious health concern. And this shift can have an adverse impact on the dynamics of […]

Downsizing for Seniors with Dementia

You’ve come to the realization that the family home is just way too much for your mother and father to take care of. A smaller home became available just around the corner from you that’s ideal: a lovely flower garden in the backyard, a bright, cheerful kitchen, and no stairs to navigate. Now it’s time […]

Potassium May Lower Stroke Risk for Women

The banana you eat in the car on the way to work could be helping to reduce your risk of suffering a stroke! In a recent study of nearly 100,000 women ranging in age from 50 – 79, it was discovered that consuming a higher level of potassium resulted in a lower stroke risk for […]

Try These Creative Ways to Get More Fruits and Veggies Into a Senior’s Diet

It’s no surprise that many seniors, just like anyone else, prefer carbs to carrots, making it challenging to guarantee that their nutritional needs are being met. The CDC shares that just one in ten seniors are meeting the recommendation of at least three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit every day. Many researchers […]

Family caregiver helping senior woman with aging in place technology

How Technology Is Making It Easier for Seniors to Age in Place

“You are always free to choose what you do with your life. To make changes in your future, make new choices today.” – Brian Tracy It’s not always easy to choose where to live as you age. The majority of seniors would like to age in place in the comforts of home for a lifetime; […]

Senior woman looking at an old photo of a loved one

Broken Heart Syndrome and How to Help Those Who are Grieving

In his documentary about grief, George Shelley uses the analogy of glitter. If you toss glitter into the air, it’ll land in all of the cracks and crevices of the room, and it’ll be nearly impossible to fully sweep up and remove. Individuals who have lost a loved one can relate. Yet in some instances, […]

Senior man wearing a hearing aide

Can Treating Hearing Loss Reduce the Risk for Dementia?

Have you been raising your voice so a senior you love can hear you? Are you finding the need to turn the TV up louder for a senior in your life? Repeating yourself because a senior loved one didn’t hear you the first time? Hearing loss in older adults is not uncommon. But fresh scientific […]

Family caregiver writing notes

Time Management Tips for Family Caregivers

It’s easy to feel like there’s no way to fit all of your duties as a family caregiver into 24 short hours. Family caregivers are often overloaded with daily care tasks: Housework and laundry. Personal care and hygiene. Planning activities that are purposeful and enjoyable for the older adult. Planning and preparing meals. Medical appointments. […]

Senior woman reading a prescription bottle

Is Someone You Love Overmedicated?

At one point, it was normal to hear, “take two aspirin and call me in the morning.” But now, it’s more like, “take two of these…and two of these…and perhaps one of those, too!” Nearly forty percent of older adults are taking at least five different prescription medications each day – not to mention OTC […]

Senior man walking up stairs using a hand railing

Watch for These Signs That Could Point to Mobility Issues in Seniors

Benjamin Franklin was definitely right: An ounce of prevention is really worth a pound of cure. When it comes to detecting and addressing mobility issues in seniors, prevention is a must. Falls in seniors lead to 3 million emergency room visits, 300,000 hip fractures, and 32,000 deaths each year, according to the CDC. Avoid a […]