How to Share Caregiving Duties More Evenly Amongst Family Members

Caregiver Deerfield Beach, FL

Caregiver Deerfield Beach FL

As a family caregiver, you might wonder how you’re going to get help from other family members. While simply asking does work, sometimes you need a more organized approach.

Make Sure Everyone Knows What Is Going On with Your Elderly Loved One 

Scheduling regular meetings with all of your extended family members gives you the chance to let everyone know what is going on with your elderly loved one’s health and where she needs the most help. Make the meetings as consistent and as regular as you can so that you can ensure that everyone who wants the information can easily get it. You might even want to consider sending out a group email after the meeting so that everyone has what was covered in writing. This also helps to keep people informed who weren’t able to attend the meeting.

Find Jobs for Everyone Who Wants to Be Involved 

Once everyone is informed about what is going on with your elderly loved one, you stand a better chance of being able to get the help that she needs. Before the meeting, make a list of people who might be able to pitch in and what tasks they might be able to help with. For example, long distance family members may want to help, but feel they can’t because they’re not there. Perhaps they can handle some phone calls for you or some research that you don’t really have time to do. For local family members, perhaps they can help you by running errands or visiting your elderly loved one while you have to go to an appointment.

Keep in Mind You Need to Stay Flexible 

One big problem that families often face is that life brings its challenges to everyone. Family members who may be able to help out a lot during one phase of their life may find that changes occur that significantly cut down how they’re able to help. It’s important that you remember that you will need to be as flexible as you can in order to account for these changes as they crop up.

If you can make it easier for other family members to pitch in and help with your elderly loved one’s care, they’re more likely to jump on board. 

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