How to Help Dad Overcome His Fear of Doctor Visits

Why don’t we face it: lots of us have a fear of doctor visits. It could be uncomfortable and downright distressing when something is wrong and we are facing the prospect of an undesirable diagnosis. Nonetheless we recognize it makes sense to complete what’s best for our health and to be conscientious about obtaining essential healthcare.

A senior man of African descent is indoors in a hospital room. He is watching his female doctor using a tablet computer. She is explaining a medication schedule to him.

Our senior care services in Pembroke Pines and the surrounding area include helping older adults overcome a fear of doctor visits.

For senior loved ones, many additional concerns enter into play as well, frequently leading to the choice to skip that check-up or follow-up appointment, even though it is certainly not in their best interest. Whenever a senior loved one digs in her heels, refusing to see the doctor, it is beneficial to first realize why the opposition is happening, to deal with those concerns, and after that to discover how best to give encouragement.

One of the primary reasons older adults skip healthcare appointments and procedures is fear. It might appear better and simpler just to ignore symptoms and hope they will resolve themselves on their own. For others, the worry can be financial. Or they could want to steer clear of the distress of being reminded of a weight problem, or to admit to living an unhealthy lifestyle.

Regardless of the root cause, the bottom line is that it is very important for older adults to take care of their health, which calls for routine medical examinations and being proactive in bringing to light any concerns. So as an adult child, how can you best help alleviate your parent’s objections to seeing the physician?

At Responsive Home Care, we’ve discovered that the most successful way to convince older adults to take care of themselves is by their adult children sharing what it means to them. Our parents have cared for us all of our lives, and would like what is the best for us. Discussing your point of view can go a long way towards persuading them of the necessity and subsequently encouraging them to remain healthy. For instance, try starting the conversation like this:

“Mom, the pain you have been dealing with in your wrist is really concerning me. Can we go to have that evaluated so that I’m able to stop worrying?”

You may be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your aging parent will agree, realizing that it will help you. If you continue to struggle with helping your parent be aware of the need for proper health care, turn to Responsive Home Care. We are knowledgeable in helping families with navigating the often challenging transition to accept assistance in the home, and quite often the recommendation of a professional, objective third party will make a world of difference in reducing concerns and moving the focus towards the many advantages of in-home care. Contact us online or call us any time at 954-486-6440.