Responsive Home Care President Named to the Board of Directors of South Florida Institute on Aging

Debbie Savage

We are excited to announce that the president of Responsive Home Care, Debbie Savage, has been named to the board of directors of the South Florida Institute on Aging (SoFIA). SoFIA is a non-profit organization that creates planning and development strategies to deliver socio-economic support programs for seniors throughout South Florida. Click here to read more.

With Debbie’s background in nursing and her extensive experience caring for seniors in South Florida, we know that she will be a unique asset to the SoFIA board.

At Responsive Home Care, the top-rated provider of Fort Lauderdale elderly care and care throughout the surrounding areas, we’re committed to providing seniors and their families with the highest possible quality of care. In this new role, Debbie will gain valuable information to help us towards that goal, and will continue to advocate for the older adults in our community and beyond.

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