Finding Meaning and Purpose Later in Life

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As we age, life changes, but the need for purpose does not. Learn how to help seniors find new meaning for everyday life.

Think of an ordinary day in the life of a senior loved one. Ideally it provides a number of positive and enriching experiences: savoring breakfast, participating in a satisfying activity or interest, visiting with a good friend or member of the family, watching a favorite TV show. Nonetheless, there’s a distinction between positivity and purpose; and the value of a life rich with significance is now more widely known, particularly in the life of aging parents.

Viktor Frankl, world-renowned psychiatrist and survivor of the Holocaust, explains poignantly, “What matters is not the meaning in life in general, but rather the specific meaning of a person’s life at a given moment.”

For individuals whose identity has been devoted to a profession and raising a family, and who now are in a season of retirement and fulfilled family responsibilities, it can be hard finding meaning and purpose later in life. At Responsive Home Care, we make it a priority to help seniors determine their interests and channel them into meaningful activities, such as:

  • Volunteering. For a senior who loves kids, tutoring, reading to, or mentoring students at an area school is a great option. Other individuals may care greatly about assisting veterans, and assemble care packages of personal care products and snack food items to send overseas. Or for animal lovers, bringing treats, blankets, and an affectionate heart to a pet shelter could be very fulfilling.
  • Learning. It is true: you are never too old to master something new. Go to a nearby community college, library, or senior center to find classes or online programs that might appeal to your senior loved one.
  • Helping at home. Well-meaning family caregivers often take over household chores to free their senior loved ones from the tasks they’ve taken care of during their lifetime. Unfortunately, this can have the negative effect of leaving older adults feeling as though they are no longer useful. Engage the senior in work and responsibilities throughout the home which are typically within his / her expertise and interest, such as assisting with organizing meals, folding laundry, sorting nuts and bolts in a toolbox, etc.
  • Documenting family history. Supplying the next generation with the rich genealogy and family history and stories experienced firsthand is a treasure that only older adults can offer. Help your senior loved one document his / her lifetime legacy in a scrapbook, writing, or video recording, and then share with friends and family.

And, call on Responsive Home Care when it comes to tailored in-home assistance that helps older adults discover satisfaction and purpose, while continuing to be safe and comfortable in the familiarity of home. We’re able to offer transportation to engaging and meaningful activities, help plan and implement ideas to accomplish right in the home, or simply just look after some of the everyday tasks in the residence, including cleaning and cooking, allowing family members to savor high quality time with one another. You can contact us any time at 954-486-6440 to learn more about our elder care in Hollywood, FL and the surrounding areas.

How to Dramatically Improve Your Healthcare Experience in South Florida

healthcareIn an ideal world, medical care would revolve around you and your own preferences, adhering to your particular needs and wishes – fitting into your schedule and routine, unhindered by problems such as an unwavering medical professional who views healthcare choices in black and white. Reality is far from perfect though, and the majority of us tend to submit to doctors’ orders without any concept that there might be a better-suited choice.

With some knowledge, however, patients can, in fact, take a more proactive stance regarding their healthcare. Recognized as “person-centered care,” it involves medical professionals working in collaboration with patients and any other family or care providers they define, taking into consideration the patient’s preferences, values and goals, and making use of that information as a guide throughout all areas of care.

There are a few helpful steps we could all take to achieve a more individualized degree of care:

  • Think about your healthcare objectives, and write this information down to share with your medical practitioners. And, ask that medical personnel include these goals in your health records.
  • Become well-educated in your own health conditions and needs, and just how they’re impacting your everyday life. As an example, are you having to deal with challenges with any sort of routine activities of everyday living, such as taking a bath or getting dressed? Are you struggling with particular types of movements, such as lifting or bending? An excellent assessment tool is available here.
  • Be sure that discussions with medical professionals are two-sided. Fully engage in a conversation to ensure your concerns are addressed and that you understand any potential side effects or other risks of treatment recommendations.
  • Should you have a number of medical doctors (for example, a primary care doctor and one or more specialists in a variety of practices), confirm that communication is taking place among all. This could necessitate requesting that documentation be shared between providers, and then following up to ensure that’s been accomplished.
  • Include a trusted family member, friend, or professional in-home caregiver, such as Responsive Home Care provides, in all healthcare appointments. Having another individual around to jot down notes, answers to questions, and any other pertinent information helps make sure that no balls are dropped.

For additional advice, and for a partner in care to help make certain the elderly and their loved ones have a voice in their care needs, contact Responsive Home Care’s South Florida home care experts. We’ll provide accompanied transportation to treatments and appointments, pick up prescription medications and run other errands, cook healthy and balanced meals, and so much more. Call us at 954-486-6440 for help and support.

Fort Lauderdale Home Care Tips: Are You Caring or Controlling?

Fort Lauderdale Home Care TipsFeeling safe, protected and cared for is so wonderful. Mothers and fathers thrive on ensuring their children are enveloped in the comfort of knowing their needs will be satisfied, providing the safety net that allows them the self-confidence to explore the world around them. However there comes a stage in all children’s lives when the yearning for freedom exceeds the benefit of protection, and they have to discover what it means to stumble, fall and get up again on their own.

These protective instincts typically trigger once more for adult children towards senior moms and dads. We would like to decrease risks for them, to ensure that they’re safe from harm. Yet at the same time, it’s all too easy to fall into a pattern of overprotectiveness if we’re not really careful, which can lead to feelings of anger and resentment on the part of the elderly parents.

As stated by professor of human development and family studies at Pennsylvania State University Steven Zarit, “One of the scariest things to people as they age is that they don’t feel in control anymore. So if you tell your dad not to go out and shovel snow, you assume that he’ll listen. It’s the sensible thing. But his response will be to go out and shovel away … It’s a way of holding on to a life that seems to be slipping back.”

Research recently explored the effect of stubbornness in older adults’ relationships with their adult children. Although the elders were less inclined to rate themselves as appearing stubborn, their younger loved ones more often observed stubbornness being an issue. The important thing for adult children is in understanding their senior parents’ basis for digging in their heels to hold onto their independence and autonomy, and to stay away from quarrelling and producing a mindset of defensiveness. Clear, open and truthful communication among both parties can go a long way towards smoothing the waters and making certain every person is listened to and fully understood.

So what exactly is the best way to care for our elderly family members without trying to control them? A large dosage of patience, respect and empathy can go far. Putting yourself within the older adult’s shoes and knowing the desire for autonomy lets adult children step back, as opposed to stepping in. Give the additional time an older adult needs to accomplish a task, rather than doing it for the individual. Consistently look for opportunities to show the senior you appreciate his or her suggestions and guidance. For further tips on delivering Fort Lauderdale home care that doesn’t cross the line, contact Responsive Home Care.

What Your Parent Should Bring with Them to an Emergency Shelter

Home Care Services Fort Lauderdale FL

Home Care Services Fort Lauderdale FL

September is National Preparedness Month. This is the ideal opportunity for you to evaluate your aging parent’s needs and make meaningful changes to your nhome care plans to ensure that your senior loved one stays as safe and healthy as possible throughout emergencies such as severe weather and other natural disasters. One situation that is important to prepare for is the possibility that your aging parent will need to evacuate their home prior to the storm. Evacuating helps to ensure that your parent gets out of an area that is at risk of serious damage, helping them to stay safer and more secure during the potentially dangerous situation. In very serious situations your parent’s area might be under a mandatory evacuation order. If this happens, your parent must leave their home and either go to another home, such as yours or that of another member of their care team, or to an emergency shelter. It is important that if your parent must go to an emergency shelter that they know what they should bring and what to expect. This will help them to stay safe, healthy, and secure, and avoid complications.

Some things that your parent should be sure to bring along with them to the emergency shelter include:

• Emergency supplies. Having an emergency kit is an important part of preparing for any type of emergency or disaster. This kit should include several days’ worth of non-perishable food and water, as well as a first aid kit, hygiene and toiletry items, and extra clothing. Store all of these items in a secure, watertight container that is easy to transport so that your parent can bring their own supplies with them to the emergency shelter. This will not only ensure that they know they have what they need, but will also ease strain on the resources of the shelter.

• Personal documents. Be sure that your parent has important documents including identification, contact information for you and other members of their home care services team, insurance information, and the deed to their home. These will provide important information in the event that your parent needs to file an insurance claim or seek medical attention after evacuation.

• Pets. If your aging loved one has pets, make sure that they bring them along with them. They should not leave their animals in a home that is at risk of severe damage due to the storm, or that they may not be able to return to soon. Be aware that they may not be able to bring these animals into the shelter, but that alternative arrangements might be available.

As you are putting preparations into place for your parent, it may be the ideal opportunity for you to think about starting home care services for them. An in-home senior care services provider can be with your parent to help them be aware of impending weather emergencies, make proper preparations, and take necessary steps to stay healthy and safe throughout the situation. Knowing that they are there for your loved one can give you peace of mind that they are safer as they age in place.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Home Care Services in Fort Lauderdale  FL to provide companionship, compassion and motivation, please contact the caring staff at Responsive Home Care. Call today 954-486-6440.