With one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world, and with one in five residents a senior (expected to increase to one in three by 2035), Japan has faced the challenges associated with an aging population, and is coming out ahead of the pack. Since the U.S. is not far behind in aging statistics—anticipated to reach 20% by 2050—we’d be wise to take a closer look at some of Japan’s innovative ideas. For example:

-Caring Relationship Tickets: Imagine a type of currency worth an hour of service for the elderly. Japan has instituted such a system that allows anyone to earn tickets by helping a senior in the community, and then in turn, cash them in for an hour of service for themselves when needed.
-Specially Designed Smartphones: Easier for older eyes and fingers to navigate, these phones will even allow the user to slow down the speech of a caller to better hear and understand.
-Senior-Friendly Shopping Centers: Comprised of all things senior—diabetes checks, bifocals, anti-aging creams, groceries with larger printed price tags, even hula and yoga classes and a dating service—this idea has proven to be a huge success.
-Fall-Defying Socks: Catching a toe on an uneven carpet or flooring is one of the leading causes of falls resulting in serious injuries. To combat this, these socks pull upward on the toes to ensure that


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