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Top Tips to Use Your Time Wisely at the Doctor

On any particular day, a physician usually has close to 20 patients to see – in addition to calls, paperwork, and other administrative duties. It leaves precious little time spent with each person, which is why it is essential to take advantage of that time and ensure you clearly understand the outcome of each visit. […]

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Broward County Family Caregiver Common Stress Point: Making a Mistake

“Of course Grandma can move in with me!” Increasingly more family caretakers are making this commendable choice every day, signifying the beginning of lifestyle changes they can only truly have an understanding of once immersed in them. And even though the positive aspects of providing care for an older parent are immeasurable, they’re not without […]

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Finding Meaning and Purpose Later in Life

Think of an ordinary day in the life of a senior loved one. Ideally it provides a number of positive and enriching experiences: savoring breakfast, participating in a satisfying activity or interest, visiting with a good friend or member of the family, watching a favorite TV show. Nonetheless, there’s a distinction between positivity and purpose; […]

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How to Help a Loved One with Alzheimer’s when Wandering Occurs

Of the numerous ramifications of Alzheimer’s disease, perhaps one of the most worrying is the person’s tendency for wandering and also the potential dangers that can develop if the senior becomes disoriented or lost. Alzheimer’s wandering can occur any time the older adult is: Frightened, confused or overwhelmed Searching for someone or something Bored Attempting […]

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Paranoia in the Elderly: What to Do When Dad Seems Irrational

“Listen to me, there’s a dog inside my closet! I hear it growling all night long. We need to find its owner!” Hearing a senior loved one voice worries that you know to be false is unsettling – but not abnormal. The initial impulse may be to try to rationalize with the individual with a […]

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Important Updates from the 2019 Alzheimer’s Association Facts and Figures Report

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Secrets to Happiness Despite Pain or Chronic Illness

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Workers Are Leaving Jobs Due to Imbalance in Employment and Family Caregiving Responsibilities

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The Importance of Partnering with Professionals for Dementia Care

While an incredible number of older adults are struggling with the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease, an even greater number of family members are trying to cope with caring for them. Incredibly, nearly 75% of family caretakers are managing their senior loved ones’ dementia care needs on their own, with only 26% seeking professional care assistance.

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How to Help Dad Overcome His Fear of Doctor Visits

Why don’t we face it: lots of us have a fear of doctor visits. It could be uncomfortable and downright distressing when something is wrong and we are facing the prospect of an undesirable diagnosis. Nonetheless we recognize it makes sense to complete what’s best for our health and to be conscientious about obtaining essential […]