Is Your Loved One Experiencing Hearing Problems?

Elderly Care Tamarac FL

Elderly Care Tamarac FL

Hearing loss is a sudden or gradual decrease in how well a person can hear. It is one of the most common conditions affecting older and elderly adults, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. So common is the problem, that the Institute says approximately one in three people between the ages of 65 and 74 has hearing loss and nearly half of those older than 75 have difficulty hearing.

Having trouble hearing is not just embarrassing or troublesome in dealing with family or friends. It can also be dangerous if a person can’t properly understand doctor’s orders, hear doorbells or alarms, hear emergency vehicles when driving, or respond to other warnings. But how do you know if the person for whom you’re a family caregiver is suffering from a hearing loss—especially if it’s gradual?

Hearing loss increases with age, but because it can’t be seen it is usually detected in behavioral changes. Perhaps your elderly loved one is asking you or someone else to repeat themselves more frequently, or they’re complaining that people are mumbling or not speaking clearly. Is the TV or radio volume louder than usual? These are definitely strong indicators that something might be changing with their hearing.

Some other signs of possible hearing loss include:

They are having trouble hearing while on the phone.
They are having trouble following a conversation where two or more people may be talking at the same time.
They are struggling to hear a conversation.
They are having trouble hearing in places where there is a lot of background noise, such as a restaurant or other public places.
They are complaining about having pain or ringing in their ears; or they’re experiencing dizziness.
They are misunderstanding what people are saying or answering in a way not related to a question or comment.
They are having difficulty understanding when women or children talk.
Their personality is changing in that they normally are very social, but now doesn’t want to spend time socially or around groups of people.

Because behaviors change when hearing loss is present, it is sometimes mistaken for dementia. If left untreated hearing loss can lead not only to total deafness, but damage in parts of the brain related to hearing. When the nerves in the brain don’t get signal related to hearing, they stop working; much like muscles that atrophy if they’re not used.

If you notice changes in your elderly loved one’s behavior or suspect they’re having trouble hearing, they should be seen by their doctor. Their physician can rule out any other possible causes and, if necessary, give you a referral to a hearing specialist.


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Swallowing trouble?

Caregiver Coral Springs FL

Caregiver Coral Springs FL

Nurse Mary reviewing information for the Responsive team

Most of us don’t even think about swallowing, but for someone with dysphagia (difficulty during swallowing), eating and drinking can be scary. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with dysphagia, the risk of aspiration (breathing in a foreign object, i.e. sucking food or liquid into the airway) is present each time you eat or drink.

Responsive Home Care caregivers attended a training this month on aspiration prevention and awareness. Topics included the causes, signs, and symptoms of swallowing problems, the complications that can arise if a client has been diagnosed with dysphagia, and the dangers of aspiration and aspiration pneumonia. We also reviewed silent aspiration and what the caregivers should watch for and who and when to alert if they see symptoms.

Representatives from Simply Thick spoke to our caregivers about their product, and gave some product demonstrations. Simply Thick is the only gel thickener on the market, and can be added to cold and hot beverages, soups, cocktails, carbonated beverages, and treats like ice cream and jello. Unlike other powder thickeners, Simply Thick completely mixes in seconds (5 second if shaken, 20 seconds if whisked), and stays stable as long as the product in which it’s mixed remains unexpired. It can even be mixed with water and frozen to make safe ice cubes!

If you are interested in trying this innovative product, please let us know!

If you or an aging loved one are considering Caregiver Services in Coral Springs FL to provide companionship, compassion and motivation, please contact the caring staff at Responsive Home Care. Call today 954-486-6440.

How Can You Allow Friends and Family to Help You with Senior Meals?

Finding Help with Senior Meals

Senior Care Plantation FL

For some family caregivers, it can be difficult to know how and when to allow friends and family members to help out with senior meals. On the one hand, it feels like an imposition, but on the other hand, it can save so much time for a busy family caregiver. Resolving the internal conflict can be all in how you approach the issue.

Be Open about Needing a Little Help

If you don’t let your friends and family know that you could use a little bit of help with senior meals, then they’re not likely to offer very often. On the other hand, if you are more open with your friends and family members, you may even be able to set up a schedule where people take turns providing meals for your senior loved one’s freezer.

Let People Know about Dietary Concerns

When you do have a system in place for other people to help out with meals, it’s extremely important that you let them know about any dietary concerns that your loved one has. If your loved one needs to cut back on salt or high fat foods, for example, be sure to mention all of that. If there are specific ingredients you’re trying to incorporate more often, let them know that, too.

Offer Recipes They Can Use

It’s entirely possible that over time, you’ve collected some recipes that your senior loved one really enjoys. But if you don’t even have time to make them, those recipes go unused. Try sharing them with some of the people who have offered to make meals for your loved one. That way your loved one gets to try favorite recipes made with love, even if you weren’t able to do it yourself.

Express Your Gratitude

You’ll keep getting help from friends and family members if you let them know how much they’re helping you. You don’t have to do anything elaborate, either. Simply call the person who dropped off a meal and let her know exactly how much that one act helped you or your loved one. If you have a few more minutes, try writing out a quick thank you note. It’ll be appreciated.

Make sure you keep reheating instructions so that anyone from other family members to your loved one’s senior care providers can reheat meals for your loved one.

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5 Questions to Ask a Potential Elder Care Provider

Elder Care Lauderhill FL

Choosing an elder care provider for your aging parent can be one of the most important things that you do for them. When you are going through this process, you want to make sure that you have selected the care provider who will be best for your aging parent both in terms of the care that they give, and their compatibility with your loved one. As you are having conversations with them, consider asking these questions. When they answer, do not just pay attention to what they are saying. Instead, listen to the words that they choose, how they say them, and their personality and attitude as they are talking. This can show you the real person behind the answers and help you to better determine which potential care provider is the one who will give your parent the quality of care that they deserve.

• Why did you decide to go into the elder care industry?  Everyone has a reason for taking the career path that they choose, and when it comes to an elderly home care services provider who may care for your aging loved one, you want to know why they chose to do what they do. There are many different reasons that people choose this path, so listen to their story and determine if their motivations go along with what you hope for for your aging parent.

• How much experience do you have?  This is an expected question any time a person is starting a new job or position, but do not limit it just to how long they have worked for the particular company or how long they have been a professional care provider. Instead, let them tell you about real life applications of the skills and emotional considerations of being a care provider and use this to determine their true applicable experience.

• What do you consider the most challenging aspect of being a care provider? No matter how much someone enjoys their job, there are always challenges and difficulties to every position. Having the care provider tell you what they consider the most difficult for them can give you great insight into their personality and their care approach.

• What do you consider the most rewarding aspect of being a care provider? Another great opportunity for you to gauge this care provider’s personality is asking them what they really enjoy about being a care provider. This can help you to really see what type of person this care provider is, their attitude, and the type of care that they provide to their elderly clients.

• What else do you think I should know? While this seems like a simple and straightforward question, it can actually be one of the most challenging for this person to answer. This gives them the chance to tell you about themselves as an individual rather than just as a professional care provider. Take what they say and evaluate how these details might impact your parent’s care. For example, if this care provider has several children you might consider if that could impact their availability.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home health care services in Fort Lauderdale, FL or the surrounding areas to provide companionship, compassion and motivation, please contact the caring staff at Responsive Home Health. Contact us today at 954-486-6440.

Responsive Home Care Staff Members Participate in Fundraiser

Responsive Home Care Staff Members Help Raise Funds to Fight Alzheimer’s!

Homecare Pompano Beach FL

Pictured above: Responsive team members from the marketing, staffing, HR, and nursing departments: Stephanie, Maydene, Mary, Kisha, Pauline, and Genevieve.

Last month, Responsive Home Care staff members had a great time in Hollywood at the Social Room, and raised money for the Alzheimer’s Association of Broward County!  Fun was had by all, playing giant Jenga (pictured in top picture), giant checkers, and enjoying some of the Social Room’s famous cocktails.  Please join us in walking on Saturday, October 22nd, 2016, or donate to our Responsive Moves team online.

If you or an aging loved one are looking for the leading home care company in Ft. Lauderdale, FL or the surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place! Responsive Home Care can help those with dementia or any other aging-related need with specialized care in the comfort of home. Contact us today 954-486-6440 for a free in-home consultation and to learn more about how we can help someone you love live a better quality of life.

What Happens Immediately After Hip Replacement Surgery?

Home Care Pembroke Pines FL

Home Care Pembroke Pines FL

Even with all of the benefits that total hip replacement surgery can offer to your aging loved one, it can still be nerve racking to prepare for the procedure. By giving your parent as much information as you possibly can about the procedure and what to expect after it, you can help your elderly loved one feel more at ease and confident, as well as give yourself greater peace of mind.

What you should know about what happens immediately after hip replacement surgery includes: 

  • Duration. The surgery itself will only take about 1 to 2 hours. During this time you can wait for your parent in the surgical waiting room where the medical team will let you know when the surgery is complete. Immediately following the procedure your parent will stay in the surgical room for another hour or two for monitoring before being moved to their hospital room.
  • Lack of movement. Your parent can be expected to be on restricted movement for several hours following the procedure. This is to give the body the chance to begin the healing process on the joint itself as well as the surgical site. They will be in a bed that is designed to support the joint in a specific position and that can be adjusted to help them stay comfortable and manage tasks such as eating.
  • Sutures. The surgical site will be closed using stitches or staples. These will likely be removed around two weeks after the surgery. Until they are removed it is extremely important that you follow care guidelines offered by the doctor, including not getting the area wet.
  • Length of stay. Depending on their age, condition, health, and any complications that might have arisen during the surgery, your aging parent can expect to remain in the hospital for 3 to 5 days following their surgery. After this the doctor may recommend transferring into a rehabilitation center or going directly home to continue recovering and rehabilitating there. The full recovery period can be 6 months or more.

Having an elderly home care services provider in the home with your parent throughout the recovery period is one of the best ways to ensure that they will get the care, support, and assistance necessary to guide them through the recovery process and ensure that they can heal in the best way possible. This includes managing basic tasks such as meal preparation, light housekeeping, light laundry, and errands so that your parent can get the rest that they need to heal, as well as encouragement to get active when it is right for them. A home care provider can also offer valuable companionship and emotional support that will help your parent to get through the potentially difficult period of recovery in a way that is healthy and beneficial. If possible, get this home care provider into place prior to the surgery. This will not only ensure that they are there for your parent from the very beginning of their recovery period, but it will also afford your parent the opportunity to get accustomed to the care provider. By feeling more comfortable with the elderly home care services provider before the surgery your parent will be prepared to accept care and assistance from them after the surgery, helping to reduce the chances of complications and improve overall results.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Home Care Services in Pembroke Pines FL to provide companionship, compassion and motivation, please contact the caring staff at Responsive Home Health. Call today 954-486-6440.

How to Share Caregiving Duties More Evenly Amongst Family Members

Caregiver Deerfield Beach, FL

Caregiver Deerfield Beach FL

As a family caregiver, you might wonder how you’re going to get help from other family members. While simply asking does work, sometimes you need a more organized approach.

Make Sure Everyone Knows What Is Going On with Your Elderly Loved One 

Scheduling regular meetings with all of your extended family members gives you the chance to let everyone know what is going on with your elderly loved one’s health and where she needs the most help. Make the meetings as consistent and as regular as you can so that you can ensure that everyone who wants the information can easily get it. You might even want to consider sending out a group email after the meeting so that everyone has what was covered in writing. This also helps to keep people informed who weren’t able to attend the meeting.

Find Jobs for Everyone Who Wants to Be Involved 

Once everyone is informed about what is going on with your elderly loved one, you stand a better chance of being able to get the help that she needs. Before the meeting, make a list of people who might be able to pitch in and what tasks they might be able to help with. For example, long distance family members may want to help, but feel they can’t because they’re not there. Perhaps they can handle some phone calls for you or some research that you don’t really have time to do. For local family members, perhaps they can help you by running errands or visiting your elderly loved one while you have to go to an appointment.

Keep in Mind You Need to Stay Flexible 

One big problem that families often face is that life brings its challenges to everyone. Family members who may be able to help out a lot during one phase of their life may find that changes occur that significantly cut down how they’re able to help. It’s important that you remember that you will need to be as flexible as you can in order to account for these changes as they crop up.

If you can make it easier for other family members to pitch in and help with your elderly loved one’s care, they’re more likely to jump on board. 

If you or an aging loved one are considering Caregiver Services in Deerfield Beach, FL to provide companionship, compassion and motivation, please contact the caring staff at Responsive Home Health. Call today 954-486-6440.

Understanding Heart Attacks

Home Health Care Sunrise FL

Home Health Care Sunrise FL

As a family caregiver for your aging parent, it is important that you are aware of the risks that your aging parent faces so that you can make the decisions that are right for them to help reduce this risks and protect their healthy, active, fulfilling lifestyle. One of these risks is heart attack. By educating yourself about heart attacks, you can better prepare yourself to give your parent the level of care that they need and deserve as they age in place.

Some things that you should know about heart attacks include: 

  • Approximately 1 in 4 deaths throughout the United States each year is related to cardiovascular disease.
  • This accounts for approximately 610,000 deaths each year.
  • Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death throughout the United States for both men and women.
  • Each year throughout the United States, approximately 735,000 people suffer from a heart attack.
  • Of these people, around 535,000 occur in people who have never had a heart attack before.
  • The remaining heart attacks occur in those who have already had a heart attack, furthering their risk of suffering another and increasing the chances of severe complications associated with it.
  • Deaths associated with heart disease are largely equal among blacks and whites, and are lower among Asians, American Indians, and Alaska Natives.
  • Approximately 92 percent of people acknowledge chest pains as the primary sign of a heart attack.
  • Only 27 percent of people report knowing all of the signs and symptoms of a heart attack.
  • Only just over a quarter of people report knowing that they should call for emergency medical services when someone is showing signs of suffering a heart attack.
  • Just under half of all sudden deaths associated with heart attack occur outside of a hospital setting.
  • In many situations, sudden death occurs because the person or their caregiver does not recognize the early signs of heart attack so the victim does not get the care that they need when they need it.

If your parent has recently suffered from a heart attack or is at increased risk of suffering a heart attack, now may be the ideal time for you to consider hiring home health care for them. If your parent has already suffered from a heart attack, this in-home senior care services provider can be there to help your loved one keep up with the care guidelines and recommendations offered by their doctor. This can help them to get the rest that they need to get their body healthy and strong again, and can provide valuable reminders for medications and other treatments that your parent needs to handle. If they have not yet had a heart attack but are at increased risk, having a home health care provider in the home with them can mean improving their lifestyle so that they can reduce this risks. This can mean helping them make better food choices, encouraging them to be more active, or offering support when they are trying to get away from vices that can increase the chances of heart attack, such as smoking or drinking.


If you or an aging loved one are considering Home Health Care Services in Sunrise FL to provide companionship, compassion and motivation, please contact the caring staff at Responsive Home Health. Call today 954-486-6440.

How to Improve Sleeping Habits for Yourself as a Family Caregiver

How to Improve Sleeping Habits

Homecare Tamarac FL

When you’re a family caregiver, sleep is essential for helping you to stay on top of your game. If you’re not getting the sleep that you need, try a few of these ideas.

Set Up Your Own Bedtime Routine 

You probably already know that having a solid bedtime routine can help your elderly loved one to sleep better, but it can also help you. Set up your own set of habits that start around an hour before you expect to go to bed. You might want to take a relaxing soak in the tub, a shower, or even just read or listen to calming music before you head to bed. Whatever you do, it should be a signal to your body that it’s time to sleep.

Make Your Bedroom Sleep-friendly 

To really be able to sleep, you need a calm environment that is conducive to sleep. You’ll want your bedroom to be fairly dark, although if you need a night light to be able to see at night, that should be as dim as possible. Make sure that your bed and your pillows are comfortable and supportive.

Try Meditation Before Bed 

Some people try simple practices such as journaling or meditation before going to bed. Meditating can help you to clear your mind of anything troubling you. It also helps your body to calm down from the stresses of the day. You don’t have to be an expert in meditation to benefit from it. Just focus on your breathing and don’t worry about solving any problems during the time you’re meditating.

White Noise Can Help 

You may also want a white noise machine to help you fall asleep more quickly. This is especially beneficial if you live in a city or in an area that has lots of other types of noise. The white noise helps to block out that excess noise so that you can relax and sleep in peace.

Talk to Your Doctor 

If you’re having significant trouble sleeping, you may want to talk to your doctor. He can help you to determine if your trouble sleeping is due to a medical condition. If it is, he can help you to come up with a treatment plan that can work.

You can also talk to your loved one’s homecare providers about ideas that can help you sleep. This can really help if one of the reasons you have trouble sleeping is that you’re worried about your elderly loved one.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring a home health aide in Weston, FL or the surrounding areas to provide companionship, compassion and motivation, please contact the caring staff at Responsive Home Care. Contact us today 954-486-6440.

Guarding Your Marriage While Caring for Your Elder Parent

Elder Care Coral Springs FL

Being a family caregiver is a wonderful way for you to spend more quality time with your aging parent and create a stronger, more meaningful relationship with that elder. All of the time and energy that you have to devote to caring for your elder parent, however, can make it so that you are not as able to give as much to the other relationships in your life. This can be especially impactful to your marriage. Making an effort to guard your marriage and keep it strong throughout your elder care journey will keep you stronger and healthier, and make it so that you are able to be the best caregiver possible for your elder.

Let these ideas inspire you to guard your marriage while caring for your elder parent: 

  • Reach out to them. Your schedule may be extremely busy as a caregiver, but there are times throughout your day when you can take a few moments out to reconnect with your partner. Send them a text message or give them a call. Even if you are only able to talk briefly, hearing their voice can be calming and reassuring to you, and uplifting to your partner.
  • Lean on them. When you are going through the demands and challenges of being a caregiver it is easy to feel like you have to be strong and not depend on anyone. You have to make hard decisions and respond to situations quickly, which can put you in the position of keeping everything inside. Instead, lean on your partner and allow them to be a source of strength and comfort for you. Talk to them about what is bothering you, ask for their advice, and express your emotions to them. Knowing that you are not alone in your journey and getting their support can make you better prepared to handle all of the demands and challenges that come.
  • Plan time with them. When you are a family caregiver you cannot just rely on there being time in your schedule to spend with your partner. You must make that time to be together and make it a priority. Not only will this ensure that you do not drift apart simply from not spending time together, but it will also show your partner that they are still a valuable part of your life and that you are making a true effort to spend more time with them. This will motivate them to make your time together more special and to give you all of the support and encouragement you need to be the best caregiver possible.

Elder care can be an exceptional resource when you are caring for your elderly parent and feeling overwhelmed. This elderly home care services provider can create a customized approach to your parent’s care that ensures that their needs are properly met while also giving you extra time and greater flexibility. Whether this care is something that you arrange for several times each week or just as a respite option occasionally, this care provider can help to ease your stress and improve your wellbeing so that you can focus on keeping yourself, and your marriage, healthy and strong.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home health care in Deerfield Beach or the surrounding areas to provide companionship, compassion and motivation, please contact the caring staff at Responsive Home Health. Call today 954-486-6440.

Responsive Home Care Supported Memorial Day Weekend Family BBQ

Home Care Services Plantation FL

Responsive Home Care happily supported the Five Star Premier Residences of Plantation Memorial Day Weekend Family BBQ. A grand time was had by all who engaged in fun activities, good food, and good times with family and friends. Most importantly, this event helped to bring the community together to remember and honor all Americans who gave their life while in the Military Service.

Five Star Premier Residences of Plantation offers the finest in upscale independent living and assisted living for an enriching retirement lifestyle. Amenities include restaurant-style dining, a beautiful heated outdoor pool, a full-service beauty salon, 24-hour staff, and an on-site wellness center. Schedule an appointment today to explore the grounds and community!

It’s always our pleasure to support older adults throughout our community, whether by supporting local businesses like this one, or by providing the highest quality in-home care services that help older adults remain safe, independent, and thriving in the comfort of home. Just some of the many ways we can help include:

  • Planning and preparing healthy, delicious meals, in accordance with any prescribed dietary plan
  • Assistance with personal hygiene, such as help with bathing, showers, getting dressed, etc.
  • Companionship for conversations, fun activities, outings, exercise, and more
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Running errands, such as picking up groceries or prescriptions
  • Transportation to medical appointments, lunch dates with friends, classes or programs – anywhere a senior would like to go
  • Specialized care for those with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia
  • And much more, always customized to each person’s unique needs and wishes, to make each day the very best it can be

If you or an aging loved one are considering home health services in Fort Lauderdale, FL or in the surrounding areas to provide companionship, compassion and motivation, please contact the caring staff at Responsive Home Care. Call today 954-486-6440.

Home Care Services Plantation FL

Home Care Services Plantation FL

Home Care Services Plantation FL

Responsive, Sponsor of 2016 Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Elderly Care Hollywood FL

From the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, pictured above (left-right) – Debbie Savage, Jessie Brooks, Stephanie Huston, and Corrie LeMay.  Jessie, the Senior Walk Manager, and Corrie, the Walk Manager, presented Debbie and Stephanie from Responsive with an award from the Alzheimer’s Association Southeast Florida Chapter for our 2015 sponsorship of the event. 

Responsive is proud to be a continued sponsor of the 2016 Walk to End Alzheimer’s! The Broward County walk will take place Saturday, October 22, 2016 at Hollywood North Beach Park, and participants will enjoy the beautiful beach scenery during the 2 ½ mile walk. All funds raised through this event further the care, support, and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association. Please visit the Walk to End Alzheimer’s website to learn more about the walk, sign up to participate, or donate! Responsive Home Care employees walk each year to raise money for this wonderful cause; we welcome any walkers and donations to our team!

At Responsive Home Care, we’re honored to provide the highly personalized in-home care seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia need to remain safe and engaged in the comfort of home. It’s always our pleasure to support the Alzheimer’s Association and other organizations in our community that are committed, as we are, to making the world a better place for those battling the disease.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Alzheimer’s care in Fort Lauderdale, FL or throughout the surrounding areas to provide companionship, compassion and motivation, please contact the caring staff at Responsive Home Care. Call today 954-486-6440.