How to Test Your Loved One’s Driving Skills Yourself

Elder Care Hollywood FL

Elder Care Hollywood FLMany elderly loved ones reach a point in their life when driving can be quite dangerous for not only them, but the people around them. If you’re worried about your loved one’s driving abilities, it might be a good idea to stage a “ride along” during which you make note of her driving so you can talk to her about it later.

Avoid Announcing that You’re Testing Her Driving Skills

If you can avoid it, don’t let your loved one know that you’re testing her driving ability. Giving her a warning means you won’t get to see her actual driving skills. Instead, you’ll see how she wants to you see her drive. On the other hand, you might make her too nervous to drive at all. So it’s best to just keep what you’re doing to yourself until afterward.

Relax and Observe

During the ride, make sure that you’re paying attention but that you’re not jotting down notes as your loved one does something. Be observant without being obtrusive. If you can, relax a bit. The goal is to allow your loved one to drive the way that she normally would drive.

Avoid Critiquing Unless There Is Immediate Danger

Likewise, you want to avoid making comments about your loved one’s driving. Saying things like, “Did you mean to change lanes without using your blinker?” isn’t very subtle. If there is immediate danger, however, such as your loved one not looking before changing lanes, those are the kinds of things you do want to mention in the moment.

Sit Down with Your Loved One Afterward

Once the drive is over, it’s time to talk to your loved one about what you saw. Open by letting your loved one know that you care about her safety and that you love her. You don’t want to beat your loved one up during this conversation, but let her know if you witnessed habits that have you troubled. On the other hand, if your loved one’s driving skills were better than you expected, let her know that you saw some good things, too.

If the test doesn’t go so well, it’s a good idea to start lining up people who can help with transportation for your loved one. Other family members and elder care providers are excellent first choices.

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