Earlier this year, we reported on the discovery that microglia cells, a known fighter of infection, were at the heart of preventing Alzheimer’s plaques from forming. Already, however, a new twist to unraveling the Alzheimer’s puzzle has developed.

Utilizing a specific mouse model with the ability to develop Alzheimer’s disease, immune system abnormalities were studied, and it was discovered that a repressed immune system, rather than the previously determined amplified immune system, is in place for those with Alzheimer’s. According to Matthew Kan, the study’s first author, “It’s surprising, because [suppression of the immune system] is not what the field has been thinking is happening in Alzheimer’s disease.”

Dr. Carol Colton, the study’s senior author, notes, “We see this study opening the doors to thinking about Alzheimer’s in a completely different way, to break the stalemate of ideas in Alzheimer’s disease.” Read the full article from Alzheimer’s News Today, and keep an eye out for exciting new developments as this research progresses. Read the entire study article in the Journal of Neuroscience here.